When it comes to dabbing, innovation is the name of the game. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about terp pearls. But what exactly are they and do they actually make a difference? Here’s everything you need to know about terp pearls and how to use them for the perfect low temp dab.

What are terp pearls?

Terp pearls are little spherical balls made of borosillicate glass, quartz, or lab-grown rubies. They go in the banger of your dab rig and make it possible for your nail to retain heat at lower temperatures long enough to fully vaporize your concentrate. More importantly, they also swirl around the councentrate to ensure more even heat distribution, allowing you to enjoy better vaporization and more enjoyable flavors even at lower temperatures.

what are terp pearls

Terp pearls come in clutch for a few reasons. The most important of which being that the second you remove the heat from your banger, it instantly starts to cool down. Because of the way a banger is shaped, some of the surfaces will cool down faster than others. But that’s where the pearls come in.

Terp pearls move the concentrates around within the nail, which makes it possible for every drop to make its way across the surface of the banger. This makes it possible for your dab to vaporize more consistently while ensuring that the banger itself cools down evenly. With that in mind, using terp pearls makes it so those big dab puddles go away, and you get to enjoy your full dab with minimal waste. As the concentrates hit the hottest parts of the banger, they vaporize more evenly without burning.

Terp pearls are especially appreciated by people who enjoy low temp dabs. Terpenes have a low boiling point, so dabbing anything over about 450 degrees may cook off a lot of those valuable terps. With terp pearls, you can take bigger globs without losing flavor.

How to use terp pearls 

how to use terp pearls

Using terp pearls is easy. You’ll just take one or two of them and drop them into a bucket-style banger. Terp pearls work best with the cold start dabbing method, so you’ll add the pearls and your concentrate of choice to the bucket and start applying heat. Once the concentrates begin to bubble, you’ll add a bubble, spinner, or directional flow carb cap to the top and sip like normal. Between the design of the carb cap and the negative pressure created when you pull from the rig, the pearls will begin to spin and work their magic. You can also use terp pearls with the classic dabbing method, as long as you add the terp pearls before you begin to heat the nail.

What to do if your terp pearls aren’t spinning 

If your terp pearls aren’t spinning, have no fear. Odds are you’re just using the wrong carb cap. Terp pearls spin best with directional airflow carb caps. If you have a directional airflow cap, you might want to check and make sure that the water level in your rig isn’t too high to create enough negative pressure to spin the pearls while you pull from the rig. Last but not least, you might want to clean them. If they’re getting sticky, they may not spin properly.

How to clean terp pearls 

Cleaning terp pearls is easy. All you have to do is use a pair of tweezers or a special pearl remover tool to remove them from your banger. From there just drop them into some isopropyl alcohol and allow them to soak for a little while. You can remove them and rub off any remaining residue with a cotton ball. Then voila! They’re ready for use once again.

At the end of the day, terp pearls are a fantastic addition to your dab game and can really elevate your heat distribution, flavor, and overall experience. Use this handy guide to use them and take care of them.

Where to buy terp pearls

You can buy terp pearls in your local smoke shop or at online retailers such as Yo Dabba Dabba. Check out their options below.

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Quartz Terp Pearls

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