If you’re into dabbing, you’re probably familiar with a few other dab accessories, like terp pearls. But have you heard of their less flashy counterparts — quartz inserts? These little beauties might not be as showy, but they can seriously up your dabbing game. So, what are dab inserts and how do they work? Basically, all inserts are designed to improve heat retention and distribution by adding mass and surface area to your banger. Read on to learn what exactly that means, and deep dive into the details of how to use a banger insert and why they’re worth the investment.

What are quartz inserts? 

A quartz insert, also known as a banger insert, is a little bucket-shaped dish specifically designed to fit right inside your banger. You’ll usually find them in two common sizes: 20mm and 25mm dishes. And when it comes to style, you can choose between traditional clear quartz or the opaque-bottom variety. But why use a quartz insert in the first place? Well, besides adding some extra mass and surface area to your setup, there are some seriously cool benefits — including flavor and performance improvements, better heat retention, and a cleaner rig at the end of your sesh.

Are quartz inserts worth it?  

So, is a quartz banger insert worth the investment? Let’s take a look at the pros first.

Pros of quartz bangers

For one, using a quartz insert can help keep your banger in pristine condition. Since you’re loading your concentrates directly into the insert, the banger itself stays clean and free from sticky residue. Plus, since the insert creates a barrier between the bottom of the banger and your concentrates, it can help with temperature control during low-temp dabs. You can even skip the cool-down time altogether and go straight from heating your banger to dropping in the insert for a super low-temp dab.

Another big advantage is that inserts are more affordable to replace than your actual quartz banger. Since the insert is taking most of the wear and tear, you can extend the life of your banger and just replace the dab insert as needed. And let’s not forget that using a quartz insert can be forgiving if you happen to go in too hot. If you overheat your banger, the insert will absorb the extra heat and help protect your precious cannabinoids and terps.

Cons of quartz bangers

But, there are some cons to using quartz inserts as well. For one, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved. It might take a few tries to get your process dialed in just right, but thankfully a cold start dab can help you avoid wasting your concentrates if you don’t get it right on the first try. Additionally, using a quartz insert does add a few extra steps to your dabbing process – you’ll need to drop in the insert and remove it once it’s cooled down. And finally, you do have to wait for the insert to cool before removing it, which could be seen as a bit of a downside if you’re sharing your rig with friends or taking multiple dabs in a row.

All in all, quartz inserts are worth the investment if you’re solo seshing, prefer low temp dabs, and like to keep your rig clean and hygienic. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra effort to keep your banger clean and get the best possible flavors from your low-temp dabs, then it might be worth trying out a quartz insert for yourself.

How do quartz inserts help you get perfect low temp dabs?

Quartz inserts are a game changer when it comes to getting perfect low-temp dabs. As we mentioned earlier, using an insert creates a barrier between the bottom of your banger and your concentrates, which helps with temperature control. This means that instead of relying on direct-contact heat to vaporize your concentrates, the insert allows for induction heating, which is more gentle and evenly distributed. This allows for more efficient vaporization and a smoother, tastier hit.

But how do you actually use a quartz insert for low-temp dabs? First, you’ll want to heat up your banger like you normally would. Then, load up the insert with your concentrate of choice and drop it in. We’ll touch more on the technical stuff in the next section. But the point is, the insert will take on the heat from the banger and create a nice even heat distribution around your concentrate. More importantly, if you’re prone to overheating your banger,  a quartz insert can help protect your concentrates from the brunt of the heat and prevent them from getting burned or wasted. Ultimately inserts make for a smoother, more flavorful hit that’s easier on the lungs.

How to use quartz inserts 

So, you’ve got your shiny new quartz insert – now what? There are a few different techniques you can use to get the most out of your insert, depending on your dabbing preferences. And it all comes down to temperature. Lower temperatures are key for preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes in your concentrates, which can really enhance the flavor and potency. But luckily, inserts are pretty forgiving.

How to use a quartz insert

Depending on whether you use the drop-in method or the cold start method, you can drop in the insert before or after you heat the banger.

Method 1: Drop-in technique

One popular method is the drop-in technique. First, load up your insert with your dab of choice and set it aside. Heat up your banger like you normally would, but cut the cool-down time down to just 10 seconds. Then, drop your insert into the banger with your hand or reverse tweezers (being careful not to touch the banger) and place the carb cap on top. Keep an eye on your concentrates, and when they start to bubble it’s time to take your hit. Afterward, just Q-tip any leftover residue and wait for the banger with insert to fully cool before removing the insert – we recommend waiting a few minutes for this.

Method 2: Cold start technique

Another technique is the reverse or “cold start” dabbing method. Simply put your concentrates into the insert and drop it into an unheated banger. Hit the bottom of the banger with a torch until the extracts begin to bubble, then quickly place your carb cap on and take a hit. The cold start dab method can also be used to salvage any concentrates left over from a drop-in technique gone wrong.

When you’re done taking your dab, you should always clean your inserts. A sticky insert covered in residue is much more likely to get stuck in your banger and be a pain to handle, so regular cleaning is key. After each use, swab it out with a q-tip like you would (or should) do with your banger.  For a deeper clean, you can remove your insert with a pair of tweezers and soak it in a bag of 420 cleaner or a mixture of salt and isopropyl alcohol. It’s a good idea to do this at least once a month (or more frequently if you use your insert daily) to keep it in like-new condition.

Pro Tips: Buying quartz inserts for bangers 

When it comes to buying a quartz insert, there are a few things to keep in mind. Explore our buying guide below to learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your banger inserts.


Dab inserts come in standard universal sizes – specifically 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. As a general rule, you should use an insert that’s 5mm smaller in diameter than your banger — so a 20mm insert will work with a 25mm nail, and a 25mm insert works with a 30mm nail. However, you can always mix and match if you want to get creative – just make sure the insert fits easily in the nail and can be removed without any issues.

quartz inserts clear

Clear quartz inserts in 20mm and 25mm

quartz inserts opaque bottom

Quartz inserts with an opaque bottom in 20mm and 25mm


When it comes to the price of quartz inserts, there can be some variation between brands – but in terms of style and function, they all pretty much do the same thing. You might find some inserts that cost $100 and others that are just $30, but there really aren’t many differences between them. In fact, to the naked eye, it’s hard to even tell them apart. As long as the insert is made from quality quartz, you’ll get the same benefits whether you go for a high-end brand or a more affordable option. So don’t be fooled by fancy marketing – when it comes to inserts, the most important thing is the material it’s made from — quartz!

Other helpful accessories: 

To dab confidently with inserts, there are a few other accessories you’ll want to consider. First off, make sure you have a banger that’s tall enough to accommodate the insert – some brands and styles can be a bit taller than others, which can affect airflow and prevent the carb cap from sitting flush.

You’ll also want to invest in some specialized reverse tweezers for removing the insert from the nail without burning your fingers. This makes it possible to avoid having to wait for your insert to cool if you want to remove the old insert and take another dab. If you’re swapping in a fresh insert while the old one is still warm, it’s a good idea to have a silicone dab mat to protect your surfaces from any heat damage. You can buy all you need in one package in the Insert Set from Yo Dabba Dabba shown in the below video.

Of course, you’ll still need the basics like cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol, your banger, a torch, a rig and carb cap, but as long as those are compatible with your insert size (as we discussed earlier), you’ll be good to go. Oh and one more thing — inserts are compatible with terp pearls, so if you have those, feel free to drop them in with your dabs. With the right accessories in place, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth, flavorful dabbing experience every time.

So there you have it – if you’re looking to take your dabbing experience to the next level, a quartz insert could be just what you need. Whether you want to enjoy low-temp dabs, extend the life of your banger, or simply try out something new, inserts are a great option to consider.

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