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The opportunity to feature Terp Tube products alongside your other inventory is one that can’t be beat. With our primary focus of offering the latest, cutting-edge water pipes and dab rigs, you can count on Terp Tube to be your one-stop water pipe supplier. Our company has quickly become a household name for our nationally recognized products and our fair price points.

With that said, you can count on Terp Tube for bulk water pipes and wholesale dab rigs. Everything we sell is crucially differentiated from generic brands, as everything comes individually packaged and branded with our logo. Our packaging makes it easy for busy shop owners to quickly organize displays and help customers find their favorite brand, styles and sizes with ease.

When you partner with Terp Tube for wholesale water pipes, dab rigs, and other dabbing equipment, you get access to our full catalogue of products. We’ve streamlined our process so that placing an order is simple and your delivery comes swiftly. You also get to cash in on a few added perks, like special promotional pricing and packages, and opportunities we only offer to our wholesale customers.

Get in touch with us today to get a wholesale quote. You can even sign up directly below. Welcome to the family!

  • Branded Glass

  • Recognized Name

  • Quality Designs

  • Great Craftsmanship

  • Affordable Pricing


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