Quartz Beaker Kit

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Take all of the guesswork out of mixing and matching components of your dabbing setup with our Quartz Beaker Kit! Inside you’ll find one of our beaker rigs, a quartz banger, a dab tool, two terp pearls, and a cyclone carb cap that spins them. 



With our quartz beaker kit, you get everything you need to start dabbing or replace a current dabbing setup, minus the torch. When you opt for a kit like this one, you’ll save 20% more than you would if you purchased each piece individually.

Inside the kit, you’ll find our clear beaker dab rig which stands at 5” tall for maximum flavor and in-line filtration to smooth out your hits. We’re also including a 14mm male quartz banger — your choice between a beveled quartz flat top banger or an opaque quartz flat top banger. You’ll also get two terp pearls and a cyclone carb cap, designed to spin them.

Between the small size of this kit and all of the included bells and whistles, you can use it to enjoy big dabs on the go or from the comfort of your home. You can’t beat the discreet size of this kit and the value of everything else included.


  • Beaker rig with 14mm female joint (for use with 14mm male bangers)
  • Attractive design
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • 90° (vertical) joint
  • In-line percolator attached to fixed downstem
  • Superior cooling and filtration
  • Your choice of 14mm seamless or opaque flat top quartz banger included
  • Two terp pearls included
  • Cyclone carb cap included
  • Recommended use: dab rig

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