Cone Rig


Enjoy superior flavors and cooling capabilities with the small-statured Cone Rig. Under the hood is a cone percolator that bubbles smoke effectively for a cleaner draw and a better experience from your dab rig.



Named for the crown jewel of its design, the Cone Rig features a pyramid percolator, which forces water and smoke through the cone’s multiple slits around the base. This design allows smoke bubbles to swirl around the cone to help cool and diffuse smoke before it hits your mouth, giving you superior flavors from the concentrates you run through the dab rig.

The Cone Rig stands at 7” tall with a heavy 3” base and includes a 14mm female joint. Perfect for tabletop use, it comes complete with an angled mouthpiece ideal for sipping concentrates. It’s available in three unique colors that make it the perfect addition to your dab station thanks to its functionality and aesthetics.


  • 14mm female joint (for use with 14mm male bangers)
  • 3 color options (amber, blue, green)
  • Attractive design
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • 90° (vertical) joint
  • Cone percolator (AKA pyramid percolator)
  • Superior cooling and filtration
  • 14mm male glass slide included
  • Recommended use: dab rig

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Amber, Blue, Green


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