• Ball Rig

    The Ball Rig is the perfect combination of aesthetic design and functionality. This recycler style dab rig is perfect for preserving the flavors of your concentrates, cooling vapor and turning heads.
  • Colored Hand Bells make the perfect water pipe for both concentrates and flower. Featuring a fixed downstem with an in-line perc and tons of colors to choose from, you can use them to celebrate your style and get the most out of whatever you’re smoking.
  • Get the best of both worlds with a Colored Lil’ Beaker! Enjoy function and a beautiful design that works great with both concentrates and flower.
  • Cone Rig

    Enjoy superior flavors and cooling capabilities with the small-statured Cone Rig. Under the hood is a cone percolator that bubbles smoke effectively for a cleaner draw and a better experience from your dab rig.
  • Accident prone, rejoice! Our Fat Bottom Rig has an extra thick base, making it a more table stable daily driver for our butterfingered friends.
  • This simple and beautiful design is a statement piece in any setup. More importantly, its easy to use and clean, and can be used as both a water pipe and a dab rig.
  • With its small size and simple inline percolator design, our Inline Rig is one of our most popular dab rig models. Offering water cooling and diffusion without removing the majority of terps, it offers some of the best flavors in a small package that you can enjoy from your tabletop or on the go.
  • Klein

    Get the best of both worlds with the Klein Rig, a medium-sized recycler that can be used as both a dab rig or a water pipe. Featuring a disc perc, additional water chambers, and the recycler system, use it to get cool refreshing flavors out of whatever you’re smoking.
  • Lil Chugger’s are small but mighty! Dab smoke doesn’t benefit from extra filtration like cannabis smoke does, so these little dab rigs are a perfect no-fuss option for when you want cool, smooth hits on the go
  • Mini Chugger

    Dab with confidence wherever you go with the handy, robust Mini Chugger dab rig. Its tiny size makes it king when it comes to discretion and portability, but it still packs a punch and offers superior cooling and filtration compared to other rigs its size.
  • Sale!

    Quartz Beaker Kit

    Take all of the guesswork out of mixing and matching components of your dabbing setup with our Quartz Beaker Kit! Inside you’ll find one of our beaker rigs, a quartz banger, a dab tool, two terp pearls, and a cyclone carb cap that spins them.