Colored Hand Bell


Colored Hand Bells make the perfect water pipe for both concentrates and flower. Featuring a fixed downstem with an in-line perc and tons of colors to choose from, you can use them to celebrate your style and get the most out of whatever you’re smoking.



If aesthetics are your thing, you won’t want to miss our Colored Hand Bell dab rigs. Each one is made from high-quality glass, featuring colored stems and a signature purple mouthpiece and joint opening. Standing at 7” tall with a thick 3” base, the Colored Hand Bells can be hit from a tabletop and on the go with ease from a 14mm male banger or slide.

These small discrete dab rigs can also be used as flower bongs or water pipes and are easy to hide away or blend in when not in use. Under the hood is a simple two-holed fixed downstem that gently bubbles and filters smoke to give you the best flavors and filtration from your favorite dabs or flower. Beloved for its convenient sized, stylish look, and dual-use functionality, these little beauties make the perfect addition to any setup.


  • 14mm female joint (for use with 14mm male bangers)
  • 5 color options (black, blue, green, pink, white)
  • Attractive design
  • Vertical mouthpiece
  • 90° (vertical) joint
  • Fixed downstem with in-line percolator
  • Superior cooling and filtration
  • 14mm male glass slide included
  • Recommended use: dab rig or flower bong

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White


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