Terp Tube Ash Catcher


Ash catchers add extra filtration to your water pipe and help you keep your glass cleaner for longer. Choose from two different percolators, joint sizes and angles, and three color options to customize your setup.



If you love your glass, keep it clean with an ash catcher! Ash catchers attach to your water pipe or dab rig to provide extra filtration and keep the inside of your bong scooby snack free. Ashcatchers can improve the performance of your piece by cooling smoke and filtering out extra gunk to keep your water pipe looking and smelling fresher for longer. More importantly, they look great on any setup and perform beautifully.

Our heavy duty borosillicate glass ashcatchers are highly customizable. Choose from two different percolator styles and colors, and fit it to whatever water pipe you have — it doesn’t matter if it has a 14mm or a 19mm joint, or if it’s at a 45° or 90° angle. Simply attach it to your water pipe, and smoke away. Best of all, they’re extremely easy to use and clean, and don’t make pulling smoke from your bong more difficult.


  • Male joint (14mm, 19mm)
  • 2 joint angle options (45° joint, 90° joint)
  • 2 percolator style options (matrix, tree)
  • 3 color options (blue, green, clear)
  • Recommended use: water pipe accessory

Additional information

Joint Size

14 M, 14 M 45, 19 M, 19 M 45


Matrix Perc, Tree Perc


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