Stack Water Pipe


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Filter and cool your smoke with our most elaborate design yet! Our Stack Water Pipe is the perfect daily driver flower bong, featuring four percolators and a built-in ice catcher.

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When it comes to smoking flower, it’s what’s inside the water pipe that matters. The more percolators and water chambers you have, the cleaner and smoother your hits will taste. That’s why we took extra time with our Stack Water Pipe, taking care to create four unique water chambers, each with its own percolator inside. We even threw a built-in ice catcher in there to help you cool and smooth out your hits even further, making the Stack a fantastic daily driver for your dry flower seshes.

At 15” tall with an extra stable 4” base, the Stack Water Pipe is easy to use and clean wherever you are. But more importantly, the filtration on this piece can’t be beat. Under the hood are two matrix percolators that hyper-filter the smoke passing through the water to smooth out your hits. You’ll also find two disc percs which create extra surface area for smoke to pass through by bubbling. These four percs work together to filter and cool your smoke so you get a super clean, smooth, and flavorful hit every time. Stack’s clear design looks great with any 14mm bowl slide you like.


  • 14mm female joint (for use with 14mm male slides)
  • Attractive design
  • Vertical mouthpiece
  • 90° (vertical) joint
  • Two matrix percolators
  • Two disc percolators
  • Built-in ice catcher
  • Superior cooling and filtration
  • 14mm male glass slide included
  • Recommended use: flower bong


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